Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So, it's getting toward the middle of the semester for me and you know what that means...tests, projects, and STRESS!! So far this semester hasn't been too bad, but it's starting to get there. - Side note, I like the new whopper commercial, it makes me laugh! - Spring Break is in three weeks and I can't wait, it will be a nice break. We're going down to Florida to visit Grammy and Kenny, and it's going to be really fun! Jonathan has been working a lot and really needs (deserves) a break too. Also, graduation in Sunday May 7 at 5pm., so write it (in pen) on your calendars!! :) That's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Home with the kids

Well, it's Saturday night, Ashley is skiing at Perfect North, I worked 10 hours today, and now I am watching the Winter Olympics with the kids (Patch & J.D.). I was thinking about adding a blog to Gageland and I found blogger.com. That's all for now while I try to get this working on the web site correctly.