Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl XLI in Japan

Today, Monday, January 5th, I took off work to watch the Super Bowl, playing on Sunday, January 4th live in Japan! One of my co-workers and friend invited me to his house when he told me he could watch the Super Bowl live with his satellite. That was about 2 weeks ago when we were talking about the AFC and NFC championship games. Anyway, when he saw my excitement he invited Ashley and me to come over and watch the Super Bowl with him and his wife.

Moriue-san (Moriue is their last name, but that is what I call him at work and it is comfortable for me to call him by his last name) picked Ashley and I up at 7:00 a.m. and took us to his house. We arrived at their house a little before 8:00 a.m. for the kickoff. Moriue's wife, Kazumi, prepared some cold sandwiches and some warm homemade "hot pocket" type sandwiches for breakfast ... they were simply delicious! We had some chips, drank Coke and Mountain Dew (I brought some from our home) and simply enjoyed the game and company. Here is a picture of us during half time.

It was interesting to watch the Super Bowl in the morning but it was more fun I think as we then had the rest of the day to do whatever it was we would do. We didn't get to watch any of the commercials during the Super Bowl but we did watch the halftime show with Prince and his terrible lip sinking or audio cut of the first song (at least that is what appeared to be happening from Japan). We started talking about more places to visit in Japan during the 2nd half as the game was kinda boring. After the game we all went to eat lunch at Hickory, a hamburg(er) restaurant.

Afterwards, Moriue and his wife dropped us off at a subway station and Ashley and I went to Osu Kannon. We met Ashley's yukata teacher, Noriko, at the kimono shop where Ashley buys her yukata material and I picked out my yukata material that Ashley will make my yukata with as she is a couple weeks from completing hers! After that we just did a little walking around and light shopping and returned home. Overall, I had a great day off and we had a great day together spending time with each other and new friends!