Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ashley is heading to...KY!!!

After 10 long yet short months I am finally visiting home! :) This morning Jonathan took me to the airport. I have decided that I wasn't made to travel alone I pack too much stuff! Usually Jonathan helps carry stuff and handles the paperwork...basically all the non-fun stuff and I just follow. This morning after much tripping and stumbling, and pushing and pulling of suitcases I made it to the Northwest check-in counter. After I handed the lady my passport, printout, and magic Gold Elite Card I asked if there was any possibility of an upgrade. After much typing and consulting I was handed my new upgraded tickets. :) I was very excited! Jonathan hopes to be so lucky in 2 weeks when he leaves. After checking in we headed upstairs to get brunch (by then it was 11:00) and a latte at Starbucks. I had a pretty uneventful flight. I couldn't sleep much so I may crash early today, but oh well I'm just excited to be home again and able to read everything and understand everything said to me. I decided to post a blog since I have ~4 1/2 hour layover here in Detroit. Originally it was ~5 hours but we took off a bit late so I didn't get all the way through customs and everything and up to the lounge until ~1:30. So, in just 4 hours or so I will be in the Louisville airport and hopefully being greeting by my anxious family. :) It's so nice to be home...almost!